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Re: [IP] MM Softset

Leann Pruitt wrote:
> Yes Ruth, the softset comes with both the iv3000 and another tape.  But
> isn't that more costly to produce, and what do i do with all those other
> tapes???  I have been saving them, anyone need them?

The reason is that the cross-hatched tape is older -- and when the
IV3000 was introduced, a lot of people complained about it not sticking
very well (in my case, it's completely up within 24 hours), and wanted
the old stuff back. 

So MiniMed decided to offer people a choice.

I doubt it's so much more expensive, because I really don't think the
tape costs all that much to produce -- they're more interested in
keeping customers.

Since all modern packages come with both tapes, I don't know if anyone
wants extras or not -- the trick now is to figure out some novel and
creative use for them, just like all the extra tubings that you throw
away when you only change the button and not the tubing! 

The tubings make good cat toys, and tomato ties -- but I'm racking my
brains for uses for the tapes!!!! (Especially the IV3000's, 'cause they
don't stick very well!!!)

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