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Re: [IP] Hearing loss


Hi!  Yes I have heard that.  I work in an Audiologist office and they were 
explaining it to me that it can contribute to sudden hearing loss and if I 
notice anything to let them know.  I don't know much about it but could find 
out more it you'd like.  Just let me know.

Also if a person is on a medication called Erythomycin(sp) for gastro, like 
myself and have renal problems it is likely to cause hearing loss also. I 
even asked my doctor about this because my boss, an Audiologist, suggested 
that i don't take it with my kidney problems because he has seen it happen 
several times and he was concerned but my doctor said he really wanted me to 
try it anyways.

Wonderful huh!!! I have enough problem as it is. So I have my hearing 
monitored pretty close.


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>Subject: [IP] Hearing loss
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>Has anyone ever heard (excuse, please) that diabetes can contribute to or
>cause hearing loss?
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