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Re: [IP] Quick question - regular in a pump?


Tell your sister not to worry.  Other than taking longer to
work and lasting longer, R insulin won't cause any problems
in a pump.  She might want to contact her doctor or CDE to
find out how to reset her basals and boluses, but that's
about all.

Good luck to you both.


--- Susan Fisher <email @ redacted> wrote:
> Now, I assuming this won't happen, but my sister is in a
> bind and called
> this morning to ask if she could use regular in her pump
> as she is out
> and is having trouble locating any humalog.  (She still
> has enough for 1.5
> days, which is why this probably won't happen).
> Anyways, she's got a ton of R in her fridge and asked if
> she could use this
> instead.  I fully explained the effect the differences in
> rates of
> absorption would
> have - but then a question popped into my head...
> Can you actually use Regular or do you have to use
> Vesolin????
> (ie. regular is not buffered, so can it even be used in a
> pump?)
> Any responses would be appreciated - please email me
> directly as i am
> on digest and want to email her an answer before I get
> sucked into
> meetings all day...
> thanks,
> susan

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