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Re: [IP] Glucometer DEX

>reading are much higher compared to my One Touch Profile
and other users of both One Touch and
Bayer Glucometer, either DEX or Elite meters:
The "One Touch" meters are the "standard" meter many places,
including my HMO,
I have more than one, and it is a local product to me,
(Milpitas California, midway between my home and work)
I don't "trust" it as much as the Bayer meters, both
Elite and DEX whose higher readings I found long ago to be
more useful in bolus-down calculation than the OneTouch.
My impression of the difference is that the optical sensing
of the OneTouch doesn't raise it's readings correctly above
200-240, while the electrometer sensing of the Elite and later
DEX, (which I love too, except it is thirstier than the Elite)
goes up faster from 200-360, more easily suggesting bigger
bolus than the OneTouch for the return-to-Century range.
I don't use DEX much now that the "pre-market trial"
I got it under is over and we can ALL get (BUY) it.
(My HMO issues OneTouch, remember)
The OneTouch also has a widespread reputation of just
reading lower than true. Probably the old whole vs plasma
question again, but my observation of greater usefulness of
the higher readings from Elite&DEX (They agree for me) is
especially marked in the Higher BG ranges. Using OneTouch
readings I have to increase the amount of insulin per BG
as the numbers go up, but simply multiply a simple units/BG
factor by the difference in DEX-Elite readings minus target.
And the slightly higher numbers when 80-140 can suggest
running 10-20 points lower "true" Bg with DEX&Elite than OT.
The electrometer style test-strip introduced with the Elite
and continued in the DEX has also been applied in several
other instruments including PrecisionQID, Companion, maybe LNX?
I haven't used recent AccuChek's so somebody else can tell
about Complete & other models? The Easy and Advantage were
cute, but clumsy.

David C. Winegarden
Fremont, CA

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