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[IP] Pre-pump training

My son had his pre-pump training Friday and is now wearing a loaner pump with 
saline in it.  I am so proud of him!!  After all these months of wishing and 
hoping for a pump (and then worrying how he would do with it), he went 
through the training like it was no big deal.  At the end of the session, he 
drew up the saline, primed the pump, inserted the Tender and hooked it up.  
He actually inserted two Tenders- the first one was too shallow and was 
hurting him, so he took it out and put another one in.  This may not seem 
like a big deal to some of you- my son will be 16 later this month- but he 
has learning disabilities and he is extremely shy.  He asked questions and 
did the return demonstrations without a hitch.  The trainer at his endo's 
office is great.  She has called twice to check on him and told me that he 
was one of the best teenagers she has trained on the pump.  The endo was 
thinking of putting off his actual pump start up until Christmas so he would 
be out of school for several days to get used to the pump, but the trainer 
intervened on Josh's behalf after Friday went so well.  It is now set for the 
28th of this month if our insurance comes through with approval by then.  I 
know I will have a lot of questions, but I have already learned so much from 
this site.  You guys are the best!!  Also, thanks, Michael (and all the 
administrators) who work to make this list so great!!
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