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Re: [IP] What am I missing?

  --It sounds like you are taking too much H at dinner.  Maybe you are 
adjusting the wrong insulin.  Unless you are going low after lunch/before 
dinner or in the morning before breakfast, your NPH doesn't really need 
adjustment.  Since you always go low after dinner, you are taking too much 
H, which means your insulin to carb ratio might be wrong.  Read "Pumping 
Insulin" by John Walsh!  Good luck in figuring this out before you start 
pumping--it will make it alot easier if you know how to correctly adjust 
your own insulin doses. By the way, I also have a new blue MM 507c waiting 
to start pumping--only  three and a half more days and 11 shots to go!! Good 
luck, Gianna

Two weeks ago he suggested taking 8 units N & 2 units Humalog in
>the AM. Then 10 of the H at supper & 10 of the N 4 hours later. This did 
>work. I was consistently crashing. I was unable to contact him so reduced 
>dose to 8 N & 2 H in the Am. With 9 H followed by 9 N in the PM. Still too
>low with a 43 BS, 4 hours after supper.
>By the time I made contact with my Endo I had adjusted down to 7 N & 2 H in
>the AM. With 8 H & 8 N in the PM. With a BS of 147 before supper (79 Carbs)
>it still dropped to 37 in 2 hours.
>     His new suggestion is ... 7 N & 2 H in the AM. And 10 H followed by 8 
>in the PM.
>     I have dropped the Morning N to 7 but kept the evening doses at 8 H & 
>N. Even at that my BS is still dropping 22 points, 2 hours after 68 carbs.
>     What am I missing?

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