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[IP] Re:amy the educator!

In school it is dangerous to refer to the low carbs as medication.  The
school is likely to keep them in the nurses office and only allow dispensing
under supervision.  It works great if you are an adult but kids are
considered LESS than adult or should I say less than human in school.

One should be able to treat lows as quickly and easily as possible.  Even in
a restricted classroom!!!

School, testing and treating are some of my pet peeves.  Mostly because I
have seen my daughters rights stomped on by ignorant persons in her school
and spent the better part of a year educating and being nice and trying to
work inside the system.  Only when I got nasty did anyone pay attention.  So
I recommend that anyone with problems at school get educated by reading the
laws (ADA, 504,IDEA) and then demand your rights.  You or your kids can stay
in class, in fact must to "fully participate".  

I have little tolerance for ignorance in professionals.  I suspect that they
are just leveraging your ignorance to do things the way they want.

Curtis Lomax

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