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[IP] What am I missing?

I realize that this is a list for Pumpers & Pumping. Technically I am not a 
pumper.  I have my MM 507-C (Blue) & have an appointment for training with 
the CDE on 9/13/99.  
    But I am having a problem & hope someone here can help. 
     My Endo has me calling him with my BS numbers every 7-10 days for 
adjustments. Two weeks ago he suggested taking 8 units N & 2 units Humalog in 
the AM. Then 10 of the H at supper & 10 of the N 4 hours later. This did not 
work. I was consistently crashing. I was unable to contact him so reduced the 
dose to 8 N & 2 H in the Am. With 9 H followed by 9 N in the PM. Still too 
low with a 43 BS, 4 hours after supper.  
By the time I made contact with my Endo I had adjusted down to 7 N & 2 H in 
the AM. With 8 H & 8 N in the PM. With a BS of 147 before supper (79 Carbs) 
it still dropped to 37 in 2 hours. 
    His new suggestion is ... 7 N & 2 H in the AM. And 10 H followed by 8 N 
in the PM.
    I have dropped the Morning N to 7 but kept the evening doses at 8 H & 8 
N. Even at that my BS is still dropping 22 points, 2 hours after 68 carbs.
    What am I missing? 
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