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Re: [IP] WHY no humalog in pumps?? (was colored insulin, etc.)

Hi Randy,
I'll let you go through my bone marrow transplant <grin> which I have not
much chance of surviving.  We all have our things we have to go through.
One thing we seem to have in common is that we are in a similar boat
because there are no meds to help me either:( It is an awful feeling isn't
it to think there is nothing that can be done? 
I take one day at a time..I am thankful for that :)
I wish there was a way to help you ...having your spleen removed, gall
baldder and big toe isn't a trivial thing to have to go through. I am not
able to imagine what you are going through and I know if it were me I would
be afraid ..but that is just me.  Pancreatitis I understand is very painful :(
here are some :::: HUGS:::: for you and you are in my prayers too.
If you ever need to talk my email is under my name..email me..I am up all
I can't do much about your health problems but I am a good listener.
here are some more ::HUGS:::
email @ redacted
AOL Instant Chat ID riverbijou
PS what causes pancreatitis?

At 07:58 PM 09/03/1999 -0400, you wrote:
> ginny
> i hope to make 50 but with two heart attacks and several tia's and no 
>medication able to help me at this time i would gladly trade you for your 
>right now i am have a bout with pancreatitis. which they also want to add to 
>the list of removals (spleen, gall bladder, and left big toe. but i don't 
>think all to be trivial.
>                                      randy
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