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[IP] Re:amy the educator!

Wow, Amy!  I'm really impressed.  Way to go!  I just remembered something
I used to do in nursing school when people fussed about me eating or
drinking in class to correct a low (you would think that it would NOT
have been a problem in nursing school!).  I would explain that it was
considered medication as it was being used to correct a medical problem. 
No one ever dared argue with that one!  I made it quite clear that no one
would deprive me of my medication as my health depended upon my using it.
 Of course, the fact that I was not only older than my fellow students,
but also my instructors probably didn't hurt.  Also that strong,
red-headed personality! :)  Congratulations and keep up the good work.
IDDM 19 years
pumping 18 months
anxiously awaiting the results of todays A1C!

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