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[IP] We have our Prescription :)

Hi All,

Well, we finally had our long awaited appointment with the IWK and after a
morning of being poked, prodded and interviewed, we have our pump
prescription.  We are still in shock as we had anticipated some resistance.
Can't wait to contact Disetronic on Tuesday (bleh to the long weekend) and
get this show on the road.

Special thanks to Barb and Erica, we dropped into their home last night on
the way to Halifax and Greg had the opportunity to see not only one, but two
kids who were pumping (Julie and Bren were also visiting).

While Greg was pretty quiet at Barb's I think that this experience made his
whole attitude much more positive today and had a big impact on the
prescription being passed over so readily.  No period of intensive control
(they tell us that's what we've been doing since diagnosis - he's on four
shots of humalog and two of humalin N daily, and he already tests 4 - 7
times a day).  So, as soon as we can get everybody trained I guess we're up
and running. Now I'm scared :)  Greg will be the first child to be pumping
here in lil ole Prince Edward Island.

Wendy (mom to 12 yr old Greg dx'd Dec 17/98)

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