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[IP] Re (IP) how high of a BG means no exercise?

<< when Peter is
over 180, then we don't want him to exercise at school (no gym, no
recess). She thinks I'm way out of line and doesn't want anything to
single out Peter as diabetic. She thinks he should be allowed to take
gym when his sugars are 200+, up to 300. I told her this is too high,
that when Peter exercises over 180, then his sugars go up even higher.>>

According to standard recommendations, if BG is over 250 and ketones are 
present, then no exercise until the ketones are gone. Fix the BG problem 
first and increase water intake. If BG is at or over 250 and no ketones are 
present, then exercise is OK , but performance may be mildly affected.  The 
exercise chapter in Pumping Insulin is useful information.
There are some other resources, such as the IDAA, International Diabetes 
Athletic Association, and the ADA has a booklet on Exercise written for 
professionals, but you might be able to order it from them. I also recall 
reading a very good FAQ at the IP site. Check the home page.
Barbara B.
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