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Re: [IP] The pizza puzzle (extra large)

Hi Anika, you said that you ate half of a deep dish pizza, and I wonder if 
you might have REALLY underestimated the carbs in that thing! I know that 
certain deep dish pizzas (esp. pizzeria uno) can have as many as 50 carbs 
per slice!!!!!!!  (That's why I eat thin crust) but anyway, you say you 
started with 5 units and that would only cover 75 carbs at your ratio.  Then 
you could have been insulin resistent when you went high. I know that when I 
am high, especially above 250, it takes about 3 units just to keep me from 
going higher!!
Anyway, is this a possible reason?  hope I helped.  --Gianna

>I pigged out on pizza last night (my husband and I split a medium deep dish
>pizza with light cheese, green peppers, mushrooms and roasted garlic...

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