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Re: [IP] The pizza puzzle (extra large)

Anika Schon wrote:
>about her pizza experience. 

I have a couple of observations:

1) If you ate half a medium deep dish pizza, that was a LOT of carbs --
I'm guessing here, but if it was cut into 8 slices, and each slice had
about 45g. of carbs (the operative word here is deep dish), 4 x 45 =
180g. of carbs. Now I dunno about you, but that many carbs would cost me
12 units of insulin (at 1:15) right off the bat, not even counting the
fat and protein portion of the pizza.  

2) There is a lot of protein in cheese -- One ounce (a 1 inch cube) of
mozzarella has 8g of protein  -- 60% of that is converted to glucose, so
is the equivalent of almost 5g of carbs. I'm gonna guess there were
about 4 oz. of cheese per slice -- 
so 5 x 4 = 20g. per slice, x 4 slices = another 80g. of carbs. Which,
for me, would be another 5.3 units  of insulin

So the total amount of insulin that a pizza pig-out would need for ME is
17.3 units.  In that light, your 14.5 seems about right.

The second issue is timing of insulin delivery. You're right, that
amount of fat DOES slow the carbs down and spread them out over a long
period, PLUS the protein is slow anyway. For me, that period is about 6
hours -- may be different for others.

So what I usually do is take part of the carb bolus right off the bat --
I would probably have taken 10 units to start with. 

Then I divide the rest up over 6 hours -- 7.3 divided by 6 is 1.2, near
enough, so 1.2 added to my regular basal of .3 comes out to 1.5 units
per hour. So I set a temporary basal rate of 1.5 for 6 hours. 

Then I keep on testing to see if it's working. So far, it always has.
But I get sufficiently intimidated by the large amount of insulin that
pizza requires to NOT get deep dish pizzas -- thin crust pizza has less
carbs -- and I still get nervous about eating pizza. 

I'm NOT advocating that you do it just like *I* do it, but you might do
some experimenting to see how YOU can adjust basals and boluses and see
if you can control pizza.  

Good luck!
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