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Re: [IP] WHY no humalog in pumps?? (was colored insulin, etc.)

Dear Randy,
I understand what you are saying. the IP list is for exchange of both the
"trivial" (what is trivial with pumping and diabetes?) and for the heavier
In 1995 I got my first pump. I am Type I since 13 yrs old ( probably
ealier) and I am now 50, It was also for saving my life. In 1995 I was VERY
sick from both MS flare, connective tisie disease, pain and being on high
doses of prednisone which I have to use alot. I have multiple health
problems that cause my BGs to always stay higher than what is preferred. I
I was alway reading on here about those who were able to get thier A1C down
to 5-6 or 7. Mine I was able to get down from 11.5 to 8.0  But for me that
is good. between pain and prednisone I don't know if I will see a lower A1C
but still this list helps me to understand many things.
And the pump has saved my life so far..I am looking at a bone marrow
transplant and I have NO idea if I will go through with that or struggle
along but with the pump I hope to at least keep complications from diabetes
at a minium.
My pump is not a convience for me either but reading this list I don't
believe it is a convienience for anyone.  I am thankful for the pumps
Take good care and I really do understand,

At 04:51 AM 09/03/1999 -0400, you wrote:
>my disetronic holds 315 and i change cartridge often carry extra with me 
>always. the pump is not for convience for me or to make my life easier. this 
>is to save my life. for as long as it can.
>i read these posts on the ip net and they mostly are for little things (not 
>to trivialize) but i am fighting for my life as the diabetic complications 
>are over whelming. with bs as high for this long. my endo says i am breaking 
>records with complication onset. records i don't want to break. sorry but at 
>39 i would at least like to out live my dad who is 82.
>                                     randy
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Insulin Pumpers website http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/
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