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[IP] strange, but hopefully true? commercials

hi all-- just thought it was interesting, and I don't know if I'm only 
noticing because I had  no reason to pay attention before, but it seems 
likeI'm seeing many more commericals for diabetic supplies on TV, mostly on 
channels like Lifetime.  In the past two days I've seen several commercials 
for home delivery services for medicare diabetics and also some commercials 
from Lilly advertising the pens.  The only thing is, every single commercial 
is about older people (medicare) and the pen commercials are only for 
Humulin N, L, or U.  I guess that since 90 percent of diabetics are type 2, 
that's who they're focusing on. But it would be nice to hear them advertise 
a humalog pen or . . . .GASP . . .some pump stuff. I guess that would be 
economically disadvantageous though :) ---they'd have too small a customer 
base, only 100,000 of us out there . . .oh well.  --Gianna

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