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[IP] RE: Glucometer DEX


I have a copy of the July 1999 Diabetes Forecast magazine, which has an
article on the DEX. Here's a quote that answers your question:

"Although it may be simple to learn how to use the Glucometer DEX, and it
may be easy to carry it with you, interpreting the results of a blood
glucose test using this meter may be tricky at first, because your readings
may be higher than what you are used to getting with your old meter. Here's
why: Your blood is made up of various components, such as red blood cells,
white blood cells, platelets, and plasma. Most blood glucose meters measure
the level of glucose in whole blood. The Glucometer DEX, however, provides a
measurement of plasma blood glucose, even though it uses a sample of whole
blood from when you lanced. It automatically makes the computation from
whole blood glucose to plasma blood glucose. Because glucose is more
concentrated in plasma, you will probably see numbers 10 to 15 percent
higher with the Glucometer DEX than you did with your old meter."

Since I use a OneTouch Profile, I asked LifeScan for some information about
whole-blood vs. plasma glucose monitors. According to one of their
brochures, whole-blood readings are typically 12% LOWER than plasma
readings. This difference isn't a huge issue to worry about, though. For
example, if my Profile tells me I'm 60 mg/dl, I could be as high as 67. But
it really doesn't matter; I'm still going to treat this as soon as possible!

The only area I can see a problem is if your BG is really high (e.g., +250),
where a 10-15% difference could mean the difference between one or two units
in a bolus.

I hope this helps out!


email @ redacted

Date: Fri, 3 Sep 1999 01:45:23 EDT
From: email @ redacted
Subject: [IP] Glucometer Dex

I would like to know opinions on the Glucometer Dex monitor. I purchased the
machine a month ago and I really liked the convenience of the meter, but the
reading are much higher compared to my One Touch Profile. My endocrinologist
prefers that I use my Profile. Any comments on your experiences with the Dex
would be appreciated!


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