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Re: [[IP] weight loss at diagnosis??]

Gianna, I lost almost half my total weight before I was finally dxd correctly!
I started at 100 lbs and was down to 60 lbs! I was looking pretty much like a
corpse than a 14 yr old. And I was definetely not far from being one! I dont
know what my A1C was at the time, but I remember the Dr running through the
place frantically screaming "get this child to a hospital immmediately!".

"gianna marzilli" <email @ redacted> wrote:
I was just wondering . . .many many people on here describe drastic weight
<br>losses when diagnosed.  I was aware of this symptom before I knew I had
<br>diabetes, and one of the reasons I didn't get myself to a hospital sooner
<br>was that I only lost 5 pounds!! Now, this isn't because I caught it really
<br>early. My A1C was above 16, meaning I had been out of control for at least
a <br>few months.  Is this possible? Has anyone else had this experience or
can <br>anyone give any ideas?

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