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[IP] parents of new pumpers

Dear new pump Moms,

My son is 11. He went on the pump first week of May, 1999.(Disetronic, blue) 
We too had a few weeks of going crazy testing, and more testing and pulling 
our hair out. BUT, I'm here to tell you that we are all very laid back NOW. I 
feel like a lot of our "challenges" were because we didnt have very good 
training from our endo and it was basically dropped in our laps. Luckily, 
kevins basals were set pretty close to what they ended up needing. Minor 
tweeking was needed in the beginning. (bolusing was way off for carb:insulin)

Some tips that helped us get thru it.

*   Ask questions to this IP group! You get wonderful replies! The best 
    support system you can find is right at your finger tips!

*   Do not correct highs except at meal times, or 3-4 hours after a meal.
    YMMV....but that is what got us into many problems! 

*   See how "intense" exercise affects your child. There are many   
differences here.   Kevin gets a glucose "dump" with heavy 
    exercise that makes him go high. IF we correct it...he is low in 3-4
    hours. We have learned to lower his basal rate to 50% for 4 hours
    after soccer AND he disconnects with the exercise. (and eats 15
    carbs)  You have to see how YOUR CHILD reacts though.

*   Keep records of what they eat and what you bolused for each meal.
    This is time consuming...but then you have a great diary to use as
    reference. In our case, Kevin eats basically the same daily. We can
    look back and say "he went low last time he ate that baked potato
    and he had xx units then...maybe we should do different this time."
    This is especially helpful for eating out when you dont have carb.
    counts readily available.

*   Buy a great carb book that includes restaraunts.

*   Basal test whenever you see a pattern of strange #'s for a few days
    in a row. Kevin had a growth spurt and everything changed.

*   Expect to make changes in the basal on a monthly basis. This is still
    diabetes...and kids constantly change and grow. It is time consuming
    but worth it when they can be just like any kid!!!

Hope this helps. E-mail me privately any time. I have great tips on site 
changes too that have pretty much eliminated the PUMP BUMPS too!

Good luck!

Mom of kevin, 11, dx 12/98
pumping since May
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