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Re: [IP] The pizza puzzle (extra large)

How many pieces of pizza did you eat?
I can eat pizza-1-2 pieces..but bolus with dual wave before hand.
but I order the veggie pizza no meat and thin crust.
Actually for the amount of pizza you ate your BGs don't seem that bad.
Just my thoughts on the pizza topic:)
PS your pizza sounds good! :)

At 09:32 AM 09/03/1999 -0500, you wrote:
>I pigged out on pizza last night (my husband and I split a medium deep dish
>pizza with light cheese, green peppers, mushrooms and roasted garlic...
>shoot! I'm drooling again). Yeah, that's too MUcha PIzza!
>    Naturally, that meal sent me high. I bolused like crazy (I'll tell you
>how crazy in a minute) and upped my basals and managed to keep my BGs  under
>300, an improvement over much more moderate pizza eating session, but I
>believe I have discovered something, and I call upon all of those who are
>wise to the ways of food and insulin to ponder this.
>Past posts on pizza, I believe, have discussed how to stretch out the bolus
>(via MM's enviable square-wave/dual-wave feature, or manually, on the D)
>because, the assumption is that pizza is laden with fat which slows carb
>absorption and thus a pizza eater can expect to see BG rise many hours after
>the meal was consumed. So people have discussed splitting their bolus over
>time to catch those carbs when they sneak into the blood stream later.
>But when I eat pizza, whether in large or small quantities, I go high
>immediately. my insulin-carb ratio is 1 to 15.  Last night, I bolused 5
>before tasting the pizza. An hour later BG is 281. I bolused  4.5 more; A
>half hour later I bolused another 1 unit for luck. (my doctor would kill me
>if I were to tell her. You might want to, but I'm alive). A half hour after
>that, my BG is 246. I set my basals to 150 percent of the norm, so I'm
>getting just over 1 unit  in an hours time, and bolused another 3 units. A
>half hour after that, I'm at 236, then in another 30 minutes I'm at 215. I
>checked at 3 a.m. I'm 177 and awoke at 219. The 2 units for high  BG I
>bolused are now bringing me down.
>    Just to add things up, I took 14.5 units extra (including basal
>increment) to attack that pizza.
> If pizza's problem for me were slowed absorption, I shouldn't have risen to
>281 an hour after (what for me is) a hefty bolus of 5 units.  I should have
>been going low early on with all that Humalog zipping around in me.
>   On occasions when I have consumed less pizza, the effect is not as
>long-lived but essentially the same.
>So it seems to me my problem here is insulin resistance. Regardless of the
>quantity of insulin I take, I go high immediately and stay high, and am only
>able to keep a bit of a lid on how high.  My body responds to pizza the same
>way it does to stress, infection and  that time of the month. But this is
>perplexing. How can a food cause insulin resistance? I expect my pizza is
>made of something like flour, eggs, salt, corn meal (the secret ingredient),
>oil, cheese, tomatoes, sugar, vinegar, garlic, bell peppers, and boiled
>garlic. I could account for slowed absorption by virtue of the fat and
>quantity, but whence the resistance? Does this describe anyone else's
>experience with pizza?
>Anika, pizza lover extraordinaire

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