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Re: [IP] Glucometer Dex


My son, Justin, has used the Dex glucometer for about 10 months now.  We LOVE 
it!  It is very convenient!  No hassling with test strip bottles, etc!  We 
noticed a big difference in numbers when we had to use his old glucometer 
(Accucheck Adv) as a back up.  We tested both machines,  worrying which one 
was correct!  I called both companies & they helped me run thru a series of 
tests,  and of course each company said that theirs was running accurately!  
I had the Dr order a blood test for Justin at the lab to check against their 
meter.  The Accucheck was off by close to 100!  The dex was off by 8. I am 
not saying that your Dex is the accurate one,  but just suggesting that you 
might want to have them checked against the ones at the lab.   
      Do you have the computer cable for the Dex which allow you to transfer 
data from the Dex to your computer?    It is really wonderful!  Just have to 
make a print out & take it to the Dr with us!    I was able to get another 
Dex glucometer to use as a backup from the 50/50 pharmacy online.  If you 
bought the test strips,  you got the glucometer free.   If you want the link 
to that,  you can email me personally!  It,s great to have a back up!         

Have a great day!    Teressa 
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