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Re: [IP] Feeling Old and Cyclamates

But it doesn't make sense to take away cyclamates when sacchrin is still
sold here with a warning label on it that it caused cancer in mice..I liked
the flavor of  pop with cyclamates in it. I cannot tolerate aspartame so
doesn't leave many choices..could it be that the chemical company that made
aspartame had something to do with the demise of cyclamates? hmmm
I thought I read that it was going to the on the market again..who knows. I
just drink ice water all the time. 

At 07:37 AM 09/03/1999 -0500, you wrote:
>On 2 Sep 99, at 23:30, Charles A Soderstrom wrote:
>> A reply to Nancy who said that she missed the Sucaryl made with
>> Cyclamate, a sugar substitute, when it was forced off the market in
>> the USA because it was" going to cause health problems".  
>> The Canadian
>> government did not raise any objections to the use of cyclamates . 
>> Abbott Laboratories has and still is making Sucaryl using
>> cyclamates for sale in Canada. Cyclamates are not damaged by heat.
>But "Our Government", in it's vast and compassionate wisdom was 
>able to determine if you were to drink 638  12 oz. diet sodas with 
>Cyclamate every day for 3 years, you could stand a chance of 
>developing a cancer.  Don't you think it would be "safer" to do what 
>"Our Government" says is right?    ;>)      Frankly I'm just glad they 
>saved my stomach from getting an ulcer drinking so many sodas!
>YDSVMV   (your diet soda volume may vary)
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