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[IP] The pizza puzzle (extra large)

I pigged out on pizza last night (my husband and I split a medium deep dish
pizza with light cheese, green peppers, mushrooms and roasted garlic...
shoot! I'm drooling again). Yeah, that's too MUcha PIzza!
    Naturally, that meal sent me high. I bolused like crazy (I'll tell you
how crazy in a minute) and upped my basals and managed to keep my BGs  under
300, an improvement over much more moderate pizza eating session, but I
believe I have discovered something, and I call upon all of those who are
wise to the ways of food and insulin to ponder this.

Past posts on pizza, I believe, have discussed how to stretch out the bolus
(via MM's enviable square-wave/dual-wave feature, or manually, on the D)
because, the assumption is that pizza is laden with fat which slows carb
absorption and thus a pizza eater can expect to see BG rise many hours after
the meal was consumed. So people have discussed splitting their bolus over
time to catch those carbs when they sneak into the blood stream later.

But when I eat pizza, whether in large or small quantities, I go high
immediately. my insulin-carb ratio is 1 to 15.  Last night, I bolused 5
before tasting the pizza. An hour later BG is 281. I bolused  4.5 more; A
half hour later I bolused another 1 unit for luck. (my doctor would kill me
if I were to tell her. You might want to, but I'm alive). A half hour after
that, my BG is 246. I set my basals to 150 percent of the norm, so I'm
getting just over 1 unit  in an hours time, and bolused another 3 units. A
half hour after that, I'm at 236, then in another 30 minutes I'm at 215. I
checked at 3 a.m. I'm 177 and awoke at 219. The 2 units for high  BG I
bolused are now bringing me down.
    Just to add things up, I took 14.5 units extra (including basal
increment) to attack that pizza.
 If pizza's problem for me were slowed absorption, I shouldn't have risen to
281 an hour after (what for me is) a hefty bolus of 5 units.  I should have
been going low early on with all that Humalog zipping around in me.
   On occasions when I have consumed less pizza, the effect is not as
long-lived but essentially the same.

So it seems to me my problem here is insulin resistance. Regardless of the
quantity of insulin I take, I go high immediately and stay high, and am only
able to keep a bit of a lid on how high.  My body responds to pizza the same
way it does to stress, infection and  that time of the month. But this is
perplexing. How can a food cause insulin resistance? I expect my pizza is
made of something like flour, eggs, salt, corn meal (the secret ingredient),
oil, cheese, tomatoes, sugar, vinegar, garlic, bell peppers, and boiled
garlic. I could account for slowed absorption by virtue of the fat and
quantity, but whence the resistance? Does this describe anyone else's
experience with pizza?


Anika, pizza lover extraordinaire

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