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[IP] hypoglycemia, need advice, help

What can we do differently?
IS there anything we can we do differently?

Any other suggestions would be helpful.

Michelle has had on the odd occation been uncooperative.
We just take control and put the candy, juice in her mouth.
When she comes up, we talk about what happened, she can't 
remember. We explain what went on, and she understand then 
why we did what we did. 

Eve is responsible for her life, but still has to let you have control 
when you need it. Maybe you can sit down, talk it over with her 
about what has gone on.  Ask her for advise, work out together how 
you can solve this problem, make suggestions, etc. 

If she doesn't believe how unreasonable she is being have others 
back you up.  

Hope to see things looking better.

Gaye (Michelle 11) Edson, Alberta, Canada
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