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Re: [IP] frustrated with friend . . .venting

> << I wish she could see beyond the 
>  first few months of getting used to it.  >>
> You mean YOU GET USED TO IT??  My 11 y/o son has been pumping for just a week 
> now, and I'm so frustrated I spend most of my day at work crying today.  So 
> PLEASE, tell me you DO get used to it.........

Ick, sounds like bad week. While I don't seem to have the problems your
son is I can sympathize a litte :).

What seems to be the problem? Are his basals correct (you can check them
quite easily) Is the isulin:carb ratio correct?

Once you can get the basals down, things should start falling into place.
If your endo or CDE isn't helping out, others can.


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