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Re: [IP] Feeling Old and Cyclamates

On 2 Sep 99, at 23:30, Charles A Soderstrom wrote:
> A reply to Nancy who said that she missed the Sucaryl made with
> Cyclamate, a sugar substitute, when it was forced off the market in
> the USA because it was" going to cause health problems".  

> The Canadian
> government did not raise any objections to the use of cyclamates . 
> Abbott Laboratories has and still is making Sucaryl using
> cyclamates for sale in Canada. Cyclamates are not damaged by heat.

But "Our Government", in it's vast and compassionate wisdom was 
able to determine if you were to drink 638  12 oz. diet sodas with 
Cyclamate every day for 3 years, you could stand a chance of 
developing a cancer.  Don't you think it would be "safer" to do what 
"Our Government" says is right?    ;>)      Frankly I'm just glad they 
saved my stomach from getting an ulcer drinking so many sodas!
YDSVMV   (your diet soda volume may vary)


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