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Re:[IP] lows in a classroom

David wrote:  
> I think it was all over either ADA or JDF (which ?) website
a year or more ago over a high-school boy with diabetes
in the Midwest somewhere who was suspended, expelled, sent to
"drug counseling" for his "drug dealing in school" for doing
just that! Sharing his "special" candy, which THE SCHOOL ADMIN
declared to be drug-dealing.

We have a copy of a letter from the FDA, that Andrea's endo passes out, that 
specifically states that glucose tablets are categorized as FOOD not as a 
drug.  We got it so that she could carry the tablets with her and not get in 
trouble for carrying drugs/medicine with her.  I always make a point of 
telling anyone in authority - principals, teachers, counselors at camp, etc. 
- that glucose tablets are classified as food.  Invoking the name of the FDA 
has saved us alot of hassle.

Liz B. 

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