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[IP] WHERE TO SEND leftover Insulin

Twelve Russian teens with diabetes - 10 girls and 2 boys - have arrived
to spend the summer  in the US. They will be attending camp, staying
with host families, and participating in the  "Tour of Friendship", a 2
week, 700 mile bicycle trip through Michigan and Wisconsin. This program
of Diabetes Youth Foundation of Indiana has brought over 60 Russian
children to the US since 1993.    In addition, Dr. Sam Wentworth,
co-founder of the group, hosted a 5 day diabetes  conference for teens
near Moscow in March of this year. Seventy Russian youth attended,
learning new information about diabetes management and, just as
importantly, gaining feelings of hope about living with the condition.
Russians with diabetes are automatically classified as invalids, and
excluded from many opportunities for education and employment. As a
result, most try to keep the condition hidden. Our program helps these
children realize that they can lead successful lives with diabetes.

    We are also trying to provide them with the supplies needed to
manage their diabetes. The economic situation in Russia is very bad. The
middle class has been reduced to poverty. One third of families are now
at or below the official poverty level--defined as a monthly income of
$32 or less! Several of our older kids have had part-time jobs with US
companies, but have not been paid in several months and are being laid
off. Foreign companies are pulling out of Russia because business is so
bad. In many
    cases, these kids have been the sole support of the family, since
many adults lost jobs months ago.

    Some insulin is still offered in the major cities, but the cost is
very high. What little insulin is available in other areas is of animal
origin, much of it domestically produced and of inferior quality. Strips
are not available, or priced out of reach of all but the wealthiest. We
fear for the health and lives of all people with diabetes in Russia.

    We are currently collecting insulin - NPH, Regular, and Humalog
(vials or cartridges) and strips (One Touch or Elite), to send home with
the campers in August. Dr. Wentworth has also made arrangements  with an
importer to purchase insulin and strips in Russia, at wholesale cost.

    Thanks to the generosity of visitors to this site and other donors,
Diabetes Youth Foundation of Indiana was able to send several months'
worth of insulin and strips to these and other Russian children in
December 1998, and Dr. Wentworth took over $25,000 worth in March, 1999.

    Donations of insulin and strips, or money to purchase them, are
fully tax-deductible. Whether or not  you can make a personal
contribution, please consider printing this flyer and posting it at
local pharmacies, doctors' offices and churches, sharing it at diabetes
support group meetings--any place potential donors might be found within
the diabetes community.

                                    Collection for Russian Kids
                               Diabetes Youth Foundation of Indiana
                                    c/o Samuel Wentworth, MD
                                      1300 East Main Street
                                      Danville, Indiana 46122

    For more information, e-mail email @ redacted

    Thank you for your generosity.

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