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[IP] DPI-1 trials

Sheila -
Do you use EMLA for your site insertions?  If so, put a glob of it on each
of their little arms in the bends of both elbows before you leave for the
testing.  By the time you get there, they'll be nice and numb, and not even
feel those bad old needles.  Jenna uses it that way for her quarterly Hb
A-1-C and TSH draws.  She pitches a hissy fit thinking about having her
blood drawn without her EMLA.  And if you don't have any EMLA, for 4 kids, I
would definitely get a tube before setting out on this adventure.

Nancy Morgan, Jenna's mom, who thinks EMLA is the greatest thing since,
well, insulin pumps

From: Sheila Sweat <email @ redacted>

   Also, I contacted someone on the DPI-1 research center.  I have
enrolled all 4 of my children. I'm a
little nervous, not so much about the testing, but taking 4 children
alone 100 miles from home and dealing with their fears of needles and
the like.  It will be real interesting, me and a set of 3 year old
twins. Wish me luck and for a negative outcome not on the trip<g> but on
the testing. Sheila

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