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Re: [IP] frustrated with friend . . .venting

I started using my MM 507C on July 8.1999.  Up until two week ago, I was 
considering throwing it in the ocean.  I saw nothing but endless BS tests day 
and during the night and unbelievable highs and lows.  I was working harder 
than ever with BS worse than I had before I started pumping.  Prior to 
pumping my A1C was 6.9.  I was having highs in the 400s and one or two over 
500.  My lows included a 26.  I never had this before pumping.  

Since then I stated with a new RN, CDE who is a diabetic using an insulin 
pump.  She is wonderful.  She completely changed how I was figuring things.  
It is a lot simpler now and therefore I can better understand how things 
should work and why.  Yes, I am still getting up at 2:00am but I am making 
headway in setting good basal rates.  She said it could take four months to 
have this run smoothly.  I can see a big difference already.  I was just 
chasing by tail with adjustments.  

Consider changing your CDE.


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