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[IP] Sunny/getting use to it

Sunny, my 10yo has been pumping since 6/28, and I can honestly say after 
about 6 weeks it started feeling almost normal.  I'm not beating myself up 
over the still everpresent but less frequent highs and lows, set changes are 
routine, and we are finally getting some sleep.  Carb counting is more 
intense, record keeping more important, and I'm more vigilant than ever, but 
our life has become more fun, more "normal" (ha!), and how wonderful to give 
up all those injections.  I understand what you are going through, I only 
took 2 weeks off work and felt like hell going back in - tired, worried, 
stressed.  Do you have any help to share in management of this?  This site 
will help so much.  It is my security blanket.  Here they all understand what 
you are going through, down to most every little detail.  It will help some 
of your tears turn to laughter, I promise.  Hang in there (not many 
alternatives, right?) and very soon you will turn that glorious corner where 
you can take a big, deep breath and even relax a bit.  We are all her with 
you.  Holly
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