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[IP] re picking insurance plan

With the expense of the pump, which is humungus, I chose an HMO, despite my 
general dislike for many of their practices.  I did this because I knew the 
pump and all the supplies would be paid for in full, and that the 
doctor/hospital/clinic we went to was on their plan anyway and would 
recommend the pump.  The PPO we had before only covered 80% (of what they 
thought was a reasonable ceiling which was always way lower than what actual 
charges were) after a deductible.  Well, 80% (actually less in actuality) of 
something expensive leaves %20 (more in actuality) out of pocket which adds 

I do have to add our experience was with two different insurance companies 
than the ones you mentioned, so you have to check actual coverage and endos. 
who are members.  Good luck!!
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