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[IP] RE (IP) A1C resultsd and Grave's disease

<<I'll keep you all posted on my progress with the Graves disease. My endo 
has me on synthroid (spelling?) with an increasing dose every two weeks till 
I'm up speed. I hope this will give me some more energy because by late 
afternoon I feel sooooo tired. I'm almost afraid to drive 45min home! Then 
when I get I'm so tired I can't enjoy being with my family.>>

You got me now! I thought Grave's disease was hyperthyroidism.  <A 
05hyperthyroidism.html">Hypo/Hyperthyroidism</A> Would you calrify what is 
going on? Sounds like you are hypothyroid. Did they give you medications to 
stop your thyroid over-function and then put you on synthroid?

Barbara B.
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