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[IP] Christmas Again- Andrea!

Hey Andrea-
Imagine my surprise at receiving such a nice 'chunk' of diabetic paraphanelia from you.  Videos too! I am happily working my way through the box oohing and ahhing over different meters etc. - seems like I'll catch up on my diabetic updates.  At least I'll have a couple of months that are more worry free.

Would you believe since I haven't been buying test strips (thanks to folks on this list) the Food Stamp folks have cut my 'stamps' in half?  I told them I couldn't afford to buy a lot of my medicines these past couple of months (mainly due to dental bills), so they figure if I'd rather have a root canal than eat, hey they aren't gonna pay for it by giving me food. 

Now just what IS wrong with a country that is more into PRETENDING they're being helpful than actually being so.
Ugh! Sorry, just had to vent a little (and in the midst of such good fortune too!  Shame on me.)

Thanks again and God bless.

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