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[IP] low insulin use/ketosis

email @ redacted wrote:
> If you cut back on your carbs, you'd be amazed at how much insulin 
> you would use.  Not a hard concept, you know.   

as we always say here, YMMV and its a free country so you can do whatcha like 
BUT...it is my opinion that the AMOUNT of insulin you take on a daily basis 
is NOT important.  Just cuz I take 31 units a day doesn't mean I am in any 
worse or better control than someone taking 24 units per day, or someone 
taking 98 units per day!!  Two identically weighted 30 year old women with 
diabetes for 20 years each, both using a MNMD 507 with a 23" tubing, eat 
identically weighted bagels with i tsp. jelly and both have bg of 128 when 
they start, WILL more than likely use completely different amounts of 
insulin.  Should woman A who needs 7.4 units feel "bad" because her friend 
Woman B only needs 4.2 units?  Is woman A in worse control than woman B cuz 
she uses almost DOUBLE the amount of insulin?  no

The point is, IF you are eating the right amount of calories 
(carbs/proteins/fats) that your body needs to maintain energy and weight, 
then it doesn['t matter how much insulin you use...If you want to  lose 
weight, cut food, and you will HAVE to cut insulin or you will crash...The 
problem is with the pump, we CAN eat what we want, which is usually more than 
we NEED, so to keep our bg down, we take more insulin...which helps us gain 
weight...or we get lazy and instead of bolusing 2.7 for something, we round 
it up to 3.0, therby overinsulinating our selves, whcih also encourages 
weight gain

In reponse to Gianna who wanted to know if eating a protein-only diet 
resulted in ketosis...the answer is yes.  Basic biology...your body NEEDS 
glucose for prime, efficient operation.  If it does not get the glucose it 
needs from carbs (which ALL break down to glucose), like when one is on a low 
calorie diet, or a high protein one,  the body resorts to burning fat and 
organ and muscle tissue.  Burning fat is great if you need to lose weight, 
but burning organ and muscle is bad!  The by-product of burning fat, organ 
and muscle tissue to create energy is ketones which are dumped into your 
blood and expelled in your breathe and urine.  Kinda like when you burn a 
log...the by-product is a lot of smoke and ash...you exhale the ketone smoke 
and pee out the ketone ash...pretty picture isn't it?  

anyway...there are those who swear by hi-protein diets...for weight loss, 
blood glucose control, energy....whatever the reason...and that is GREAT - 
they can do it if they want....but the basic bottom line physiological, 
biological or whatever scientific term I am searching for but can't find, is 
that our bodies were NOT designed to run on protein only!  we need protein, I 
think, for amino acids, and, as my mom used to say, a good steak every now 
and then to keep our blood red....shoot - mine is probably yellow by now its 
been so long since I had a steak...

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