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[IP] deb's belligerent kid

hey Deborah - i saw your post about your daughter  being hypo unaware and how 
she gets a little testy when offered help etc (LOL - i can relate...)  You 
had lots of good suggestions on how to get her to eat, but the real issue is 
that she is hypo unaware.

I might suggest that you raise her target range for a few weeks.  For example 
if you typically aim for bgs between 80 and 120, raise that zone to say 100 - 
150...once she gets used to that, the "feeling" of dropping lower may come 

I know when i first went on the pump, I thought I felt "low" all the time, 
but I'd test and actually be in a great range...i was just so used to being 
in the upper 100s-200s that to be in the low 100s felt strange...you just 
have to retrain your body

give it a try...

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