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[IP] velosulin

Julie asked:

> I hate to sound out of it, but what exactly is velosulin?  I 
> have never heard of it.

and then she had a copy of the post to which she was responding to, in which 
it says, in part...

 -----Original Message-----
From: Michael <email @ redacted>
Date: Monday, August 30, 1999 1:22 PM
Subject: Re: [IP] WHY no humalog in pumps?? (was colored insulin, etc.)

>The ONLY insulin specifically approved for use in pumps is Velosulin
>BR. However, that means very little. That is simply because Novo
>Nordisk went to the trouble to do the testing and submission to the

So that answers your question!  It is THE insulin that IS approved for use in 
the pump.  It is just plain old regular insulin with a "special added 
buffering agent" to prevent the insulin from clogging in the pump tube....as 
the "old" version of regular insulin WOULD crystallize in the tubing....this 
is no longer necessary as I believe the tubing is now made with a different 
plastic?  (wayne - I think I remember you said something about this?)

Anyway, just so everyone knows we are out here, and doesn't make ASSUMPTIONS 
based on their own personal experience, there ARE still straight VELOSULIN 
users out and about.  V is exceptionally predictable for me and starts to 
work in less than 1/2 an hour.  I have played around with a mix, but don't 
find that much of an improvement in my bg.  I only use H when I am really 
high and want to bring it down fast - which I don't normally do anyway...I 
like to lower a high slowly so I don't get the counter regulatory hormones 
that put me on the roller coaster from hell.

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