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[IP] Insurance Question

Ok many of you know my frustration over getting to see a
doctor that supports the pump.  Well I am now 11 days away
from seeing a doctor that I think is going to help me to
get one.

Problem is, I am possibly changing jobs in 14 days.  
My current insurance Blue Cross Blue Shield of Mass. 
is a supporter of the external pump and will cover it
and supplies.  However, my new job offer has a lot more
bonuses involved and would be very very hard to turn down.

I then have two choices for healthcare, go on the new one with
my new job or go on the insurance with my husbands job.  Here 
are the choices, anyone who has this health insurance let me 
know your experience and what to expect.

1. Tufts Healthcare HMO  (this is through the new job)
2. Aetna Us Healthcare (until Dec. 31, 99)
   Cigna HMO, POS, PPO (after Jan 1, 00)

(My husbands company is changing at the first of the year)
We have a choice of taking the HMO, POS, or PPO of Cigna
and are priced according to which plan.  This is all for
the state of MA so Cigna or Aetna may opperate differently
depending on the area you live in.

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