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[IP] Re: Job Interviews

In a message dated 8/31/99 2:00:37 PM Eastern Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:
<< The question I always struggle with is when to mention the diabetes
 during the interview process.  >>

email @ redacted wrote:

>I'm glad you asked that question.  I had the same question.

>I am in the last month of earning my A.S. degree and the class I'm currently 
>in is called Career Skills.  In this class they teach us how to write a 
>resume, cover letter, go on job interviews...etc....
>I wear a Medic-Alert bracelet for my diabetes.  I asked my instructor what 
>her opinion was on whether I should remove the bracelet for the job 
>interview.  Did I want to wear it where the potential employer may notice a 
>medical condition?  Her reply was ....
>"Yes, by all means wear your bracelet to the interview.  If they ask what it 
>is for, explain that it states that your are diabetic, and explain that the 
>diabetes is under control and would not affect your job performance."  
>She asked me......"Would you really WANT to work for an employer who would 
>discriminate because of the diabetes????"  Good Question.....

Ok, I have more input whether or not it is wanted.
I have been at my current job for about 14 months and I just had an
earlier this week with another company who made me an incredible offer. 
I am
a software engineer/programmer so although this sounds like a short
amount of
time it really isn't.  

Ok, for the interview I had to get my current job, I made the mistake of
saying anything or asking any questions about healthcare, etc.  I did
because my husband already had covereage I could be put on so I didn't
to make a big point of my diabetes.  

For the interview I had this week, I went in and asked questions about
healthcare, life insurance, ... and made a point of asking how much this 
would cost, was their a physical involved, etc.  They told me it was a
cost and a physical was not necessary unless I wanted to triple my life
immediately.  I wore my "Alert Bear" necklace out in front and no one
asked about it.

I didn't tell them I was diabetic but then again they didn't ask.  Now
I get beaten over the head with emails about how dangerous it is to be
and not tell anyone, I want everyone to know that everyone I work with
I am diabetic and what to do if I have a bad reaction at work.  I also
on my resume that I do a lot of volunteer work for the ADA.  If they had
me if I had any health problems, or if I was diabetic I would have told
straight out that I was.  

I think the important time to let them know is after they make an
offer.  Why
make a point of it when they are decided whether or not to hire you on
skills and experience.  

Just my two cents,
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