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[IP] Quick question - regular in a pump?

Now, I assuming this won't happen, but my sister is in a bind and called
this morning to ask if she could use regular in her pump as she is out
and is having trouble locating any humalog.  (She still has enough for 1.5
days, which is why this probably won't happen).

Anyways, she's got a ton of R in her fridge and asked if she could use this
instead.  I fully explained the effect the differences in rates of
absorption would
have - but then a question popped into my head...

Can you actually use Regular or do you have to use Vesolin????
(ie. regular is not buffered, so can it even be used in a pump?)

Any responses would be appreciated - please email me directly as i am
on digest and want to email her an answer before I get sucked into
meetings all day...


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