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[IP] frustrated with friend . . .venting

AHHHHHH!!!!!!! I'm so disappointed!!! I know that no one can make the 
decision to use a pump other than the person themself, but I just got a call 
from my diabetic friend (friend with diabetes :)  that she had gotten set up 
for prepump training, after first deciding not to do it, then changing her 
mind, and now after her prepump she changed her mind AGAIN and isn't doing 
it!  NOOOOOOO!!!! :(   :(   First of all, it's really annoying me that she 
said "It doesn't matter. If I ever change my mind again I'll be able to get 
the pump tomorow because my dad can pull strings at the insurance company."  
grrr. .  .I wanted to . . .I don't know . . . do something drastic because 
there are SO MANY people that truly want this technology that face so many 
stumbling blocks with insurance.  Then, her reasons for not choosing a pump 
were that she felt it would call her attention to the fact that she has 
diabetes and she doesn't want people to pity her.  This is from a person who 
announces to everyone she meets that she has diabetes and who has even faked 
lows to get attention.  Then, her other reason was "why bother, I'm already 
in tight control," which could be a valid reason except when I asked her 
what she meant by tight control she said "Oh, my numbers are consistently 
int he low 200's."
   Sorry for venting to all of you, this is really upsetting me. I know it's 
a personal decision and many people choose not to, some for good and some 
for not so good reasons.  It sounds like she really isn't ready or mature 
enough for the responsibility anyway, but . . .I wish it were different!  
I'm just worried about her because she already has been in the hospital for 
hypos and DKA on multiple occasions and I wish she could see beyond the 
first few months of getting used to it.  Sigh. Thanks for listening.  
--Gianna  >:{

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