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[IP] screens geeting away

I contacted mm today as a result of a thread I saw a while back.
Recently I noticed when I tried to enter a bolus amount.  The screen
would sometimes hop over to suspend or even the basal amount.  I was
frustrated more than anything.  The mm person(Mark?) was real nice and
is sending me a refurbished pump before noon tommorrow via Fed-Ex.I plan
to get my old pump back as soon as it is repaired.  I already miss it
-pat  myself on the back.  I was told that this has been a common
problem and is a software problem.  I am grateful that the company is so
helpful.  That assures me that I can depend on them in worse situations,
if they arise.
   Also, I contacted someone on the DPI-1 research center.  I have
enrolled all 4 of my children.  I am waiting for an appointment.  I'm a
little nervous, not so much about the testing, but taking 4 children
alone 100 miles from home and dealing with their fears of needles and
the like.  It will be real interesting, me and a set of 3 year old
twins. Wish me luck and for a negative outcome not on the trip<g> but on
the testing. Sheila

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