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[IP] Re: feeling old

> From: Yerachmiel Altman <email @ redacted>
> Subject: [IP] feeling old
> I think the newbies (less than five or ten years) need an intro into life as a
> diabetic in the sixties and before.
> Anybody still HAVE an old grey clinitest set around??  Do they still make the
> tablets?
> yerachmiel

Scarily enough, the pediatrician who diagnosed me had me using Clinitest and
testape when I was diagnosed in 1986!!  She said she didn't think I needed a
glucose monitor right away and that, if I learned to do urine testing, I'd always
have that to "fall back on"!  I didn't have a monitor until a year later!  No
biggie compared to those of you who went years w/o access to home bg testing, but
inexcusable when the technology was available.

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