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Re: [IP] feeling old

   Your really feeling old when you remember sharpening your 24 
gauge needle and reaming it out with the stainless steel wire, 
before boiling it and your glass syringe.  Did you used to store your 
set in a tall, skinny olive bottle filled with cotton and alcohol?

On 1 Sep 99, at 12:33, Yerachmiel Altman wrote:
> Tab & Fresca.  WOW!!  Talk about the old days. 

> I think the newbies (less than five or ten years) need an intro into life
> as a diabetic in the sixties and before.  Diet food was non-existant and
> calories were what you learned in chemistry class.
> Ah, the good old days (and don't forget clinitest five and two drop
> tests).  

Blue Fizzies (before the Beatles "Blue Meanies")


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