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[IP] Rafting and canoeing

Whenever I raft, canoe, or go boating I use the sportguard that minimed 
sells.  I try to remember to lubricate the rubber seal each time, but it also 
guards from being hit with a paddle or something.  I also put my meter in one 
of those waterproof bags that I got from the sporting goods store and hang it 
around my neck.  Oh, and I also set a lower temp basal to avoid going low 
from the exercise.


email @ redacted wrote:
"I also love to raft and canoe - does anyone have a great "waterproof" 
solution for my MiniMed pump.  I ordered the swimming accessory MiniMed 
showed but have read that this isn't all that dry.  I would hate to hit the 
water and drown my new pump!!!  I am going on a 3 day trip this weekend and 
would like to have some idea what to do!"
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