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[IP] #@$%$Insurance

I got a call from my son's endo today and our insurance company wants his 
insulin adjustments for the last year to determine if enough has been tried 
to bring him under good control without a pump.  Sounds like a Catch-22 to 
me- If he is under good control, he doesn't need a pump;  if not, he hasn't 
had enough 'adjustments' made.  When I first wrote to our insurance about 
requirements, I got a letter from the insurance (Trigon BC/BS) stating that 
there were no restrictions and no requirements- just have the doctor write 
the prescription, get the pump, and the  insurance company would reimburse 
us.  I am going to take it to the endo's office tomorrow when we go for 
pre-pump training and have them fax it along with the rest of the info they 
want.  I feel like one reason they are stalling is that we have met our 
out-of-pocket maximum for the year; therefore, the pump and all supplies 
would be 100% covered until the end of the year.  Anyway,  they picked the 
wrong week to mess with me!!!
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