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Re: [IP] Exercise with a pump

I've been on the pump for 3 years...the best 3 years of my life I might
on the exercise thing....this is just from trial and error and remember that
everyone is different....I used to jog but can't anymore, so now I ride my
bike and "power" walk...
I check my BG before exercise and if I'm around 100-170 just take the pump
off and go...but If I'm in active the least little bit.BG tends to
rise....usually leave it off for about 1 1/2 hours......and then check BG
when I get home and correct if I have to...
on the sweating...I use and anti-perspirant in between IV prep and skin
prep(use Mitchums...) I used to lose sets and didn't even know it....now I
have to pry them off!!!!!!!...this pump thing is alot of trial and
error....for me anyway just when I think I have it .....something else
changes...I just know that I feel like a human being again for the first
time in 33 years........you go for it......you'll love it.......
feel free to write ...
I don't post much......just privately.....
GOOD LUCK.......

your friend in pumping......

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From: Brad MacDonald <email @ redacted>
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Date: Tuesday, August 31, 1999 11:50 AM
Subject: [IP] Exercise with a pump

>Since I'm not on the pump (yet), I had some questions related to exercise
>and pumping. I try to jog for exercise, and was wondering what some of your
>experiences have been in trying to exercise with the pump.
>(1) Are there special pump "harnesses/holders" that tend to work better
>(2) Does sweating increase the risk of infection at the infusion site?
>(3) How much of a hassle is it to exercise and pump?
>I appreciate your comments and experiences about using the pump with
>exercising! Thanks!
>Brad MacDonald
>email @ redacted
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