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RE: [IP] Private School Discrimination

Search for the Kindercare settlement.  You may find it through

They didn't want to admit a kid with diabetes and were persuaded by the
courts to take him and test him and train the kids.  I would think that a
private school is about the same as a private daycare.

This was a settlement out of court but was published as part of the deal.

The ADA does not deal with "public" stuff it is a general civil rights doc.
and law.  For instance, if you went to a concert and they said that the
could not have diabetics there because of liability they would be wrong.
Same if they said that they don't take a certain race.  One can come up with
all kinds of excuses to exclude some one and they will sound right to some.

I don't think that they can reject them because of diabetes, but they may
not have to accommodate them as a public school would with nurses and aides
and whatnot.  The should have the same rights as people on the job as
described in the ADA.

Curtis Lomax

Leann wrote

If anyone has any information on discrimination against diabetes in
thePrivate school setting or knows someone who does could you please
emailme. Someone I know has a child with D entering Kindergarten and
justreceived notice from a private school that they willnot accept
himbecause of liability reasons

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