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[IP] I did it!!!!

Hey all--
 I had my meeting with my teachers today, it went pretty darn good! I
have 8 classes, 4 90 min classes each day, I only go tto see 5 of my
teachers in the meeting and did my stuff. All were good and receptive
except one teacher who I don't think I am going to like. They even had
suggestions..like our school is old and we are moving into a new
building next month and the halls are impossible to move in without
getting bumped hard a few times, so if i get through that hall when
busy, i may want to leave class a few mins early..my physic teachers
suggestion! I have her first thing A days. she's good!!!!!  My computer
teacher (i don't think she liked me for some reason) told me I 'd have
to eat in the hall, which is fine with me, but at my 504 meeting after
this meeting the nurse told me she had  a SERIOUS problem with this,
b/c the teacher may forget I'm out there and i could go low and wander
off or pass out, she wants to find somewhere else for me to eat..like
back of classroom, said she's never let a student with D eat off on
their own w/o anyone else around--she at least wants me to have a buddy
with me in the hall. My physics teacher thinks I should have a friend a
class sit near me and know about this stuff and symptoms in case they
notice b4 the teacher. My math and history teachers were NOT in the
meeting, but my peer mentoring teacher insisted I meet with them b/c
the nurse could'nt show them the pump like me, so he paged them down to
a conference room..they were both soooo nice! I was lucky, my peer
mentoring teacher I've had before nad have again, and he is the
director of Student Services and a psychologist, and was definitely on
my side! They did the 504 meeting today after the teachers (we weren't
expecting it, but it was ok) and they were brainstorming so much about
how diabetes affects me! I guess I did a good job teaching! I
demonstrated a fingerstick, showed all the teachers how to turn my pump
off and passed it around in the meeting wiht 5 of my teachers and they
all tried it...2 of them used the audio bolus at first!hehe. So they
all know what it is and will be prepared, for my weekly alarm or
whatever. They all were good my mom thinks and impressed by my
knowledge , but now I feel like i'd be an idiot to be there if NO one
knew what to do! Stil have to train the school on glucagon. My lunch
for a day was 90 mins before my lunch on b day like last year..when i
had sooo many problems! and i told them and my peer mentoring teacher
knew this wasn't acceptable, so they are reworking the whole lunch
schedule for me! --early lunch both days, instead of early one day,
late the next. I scared the 2 teachers I think that i met later
(overwhelmed) them, and the nurse kept telling them how she was more
worried about me this year than last year b/c I didn't know and was new
to the pump..haha! she said she'll be worried, didn't help the scared
teachers, but my mom stepped in. All my teachers are going to page the
nurse if I have any serious lows..this year I am planning on
testing/treating in class most of the time, unless I get uncomfortable
with it. 
 in the 504 meeting they worded it so carefully to MY benefit! Absences
aren't excused from one policy but they were able to say that I am
required to have mandatory medical appointments..the admin has to
approve all this, so wording was careful, but the 504 committee knows
I'm already planning on meeting with the superintendent about THIS
stupid policy! i did it last year w/o seein gmy endo and it didn't work
too well, so I have evidence!
 It feels good! Now i'm just scared about testing in the classroom, my
pump hanging out(nurse told me AGAIN i should hide it, but i will
NOT!), and an obnoxious alarm going the first day of school!
 hehe! I did my job of educating for the day!

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