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Re: [IP] Prime troubles

In a message dated 8/31/99 10:05:42 AM Eastern Daylight Time, email @ redacted 
writes: I rarely get my pump to prime the first time.  I usually have to take 
out the  cartridge at least twice, reload, and prime again, then again.  I do 
it all  the same each time I reload, but it always takes a few tries.  
Anybody else 
 have this issue?  Holly >>

I used to have trouble priming my pump then I found a "solution" quite by 
I have the MM507C.  I hope I don't confuse anyone with my description of this 

You know how when you snap your reservoir into the pump the pump is facing 
with the door at the top and the length is left to right?  Now instead, after 
you snap your reservoir into the pump, turn the pump on end to where the pump 
length is now up and down, and the tubing is facing down.  Then, move the 
driver arms into place.  It seems that gravity is pushing the driver arm down 
on the reservoir and sets the lead screw better.  I've started doing this and 
now I do not have trouble priming the pump and it usually only takes 2 units 
to prime.  I haven't tried less than the 2 units yet.  But with only 2 units, 
it sure saves time.

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